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To better serve my clients, an inventory of custom quality and pleasure\trail saddles is maintained. These saddles are on display at dealers in Colorado. The custom models have been built with the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship as a client's order. Several have won awards or have been exhibited at national cowboy art shows. If you do not want to wait for a saddle to be built, this is an opportunity for you to immediately experience the pride and pleasure of owning a Sherer saddle.


Please contact Dick for prices!

1. *Reproduction Saddle, 1860-65 saddle, 15 1/2" seat, SQH bars, half seat, 7/8 Spanish rigging, hand engraved Sherer brass conchos.

#1 1860-65 Repro

2. *Commemorative Saddle: Personal 1996 personal saddle of R.L. Sherer, 14 1/2" Tipton tree, 7/8 double in skirt rigging, wide floral border and geometric stamped, recessed silver mountings.

#2 Personal 1996

3. *Black Lightning Bolt Trick Saddle: 16" trick tree, black leather with gold metallic inlays, complete with straps, reins, headstall, breast collar and hand tied corona pad.

#3 Lightning Bolt 16

4. *Butterfly Youth Trick Saddle: 14" trick tree, white leather with orange and purple quilted metallic inlays, complete with straps, reins, and headstall.

Butterfly Youth Trick Saddle

* Award-winning saddles and/or saddles exhibited at cowboy art shows


5. Adult Pleasure\Trail saddle, 15 1/2" Ralide T.M. Roper, SQH bars, 7/8 double rig in skirt, fancy stitched padded seat, embossed border.

#3 15 1/2 Ralide T.M. Roper

6. Youth Pleasure\trail saddle, 13" Ralide Little Wonder, 7/8 single rig in skirt, fancy stitched padded seat, embossed border.

#4 13 Ralide Little Wonder


7. Rebuilt 1970's factory saddle, new 14" Ralide Little Wonder, SQH bars, 7/8 single rigging, embossed floral design. This saddle is suitable for teen or small stature adult.

#5 14 Ralide Little Wonder

8. Rebuilt TexTan factory saddle, new 15" Ralide Little Wonder tree, 7/8 double rigging on tree/skirt slot, inverted embossed floral design. This saddle is suitable for a small stature adult.

Rebuilt TexTan

9. Rebuilt Jess Patton, Mesa, Arizona, circa 1960's handmade flower stamped saddle rebuilt on new 15" Ralide S.F. Bowman tree, 7/8 double rigging on tree. This is an excellent trial saddle for a small to medium stature adult.

Rebuilt Jess Patton

Find out what interesting projects are going on in Dick's studio by visiting his personal Facebook page; Richard L. Sherer.

Also visit his business page at Sherer Custom Saddles, Inc.

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